Stars 13U





GOALWorkload Management (games, tournaments, practices, training) for the athlete MUST be considered by all due to the physical demands of the increased dimensions of the regulation field. Pace and intentionality of play must take place at a high level.
TRAVELLocal, Regional and National Travel Dependent by team.
BASEBALLL IQ DEVELOPMENTUnderstand how the field dimensions change situations, Cuts, Backing Up Bases
ATHLETIC PERFORMANCETrain to Train.- Increase Aerobic & Anaerobic Energy Systems, Emphasize Mobility, Intentional Strength and Speed Programs are a necessity. Underdeveloped 12u Players: Learn to Train- it HAS TO HAPPEN HERE- focus on strength, flexibility and stamina.
INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENTHave a plan. Player must possess iniative to train on their own; Academics must be a priority; Time management is key.
FIELDBase Paths- 90'; Mound Distance- 60' 6"
EQUIPMENTBat Length: 29"-31". Bat Weight: -8/-5. Metal/Composite, USABat, BBCOR or Wood allowed, Must have branding, label or stamp proving BPF 1.15, and length/weight ratio vary by division. Common Tournament Reg's: PG 13u Major & Open: -5/-3; PG 13u AAA/AA: -8/-5